Capabilities Statement

We Provide Friction Products to the Military and Government Agencies

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Capabilities Statement Summary

Specializing in sintered metallic friction materials since 1929, GMP Friction Products provides high performance friction materials for applications in controlling, stopping or transmitting power including clutch and brake applications.

As the originator of powered metal friction materials, GMP Friction Products’ innovations have helped to solve many complex challenges for customers in a variety of industries including: off-highway, industrial, aerospace, construction, agriculture, government and specialty.


  • Sintered Metallic Friction Materials
    • Iron Friction Materials
    • Bronze Friction Materials
    • Copper Friction Materials
    • Iron-Bronze Friction Materials
  • Ceramic Friction Materials
  • Paper Friction Materials
  • Graphitic Friction Materials
  • Industrial Clutch Capabilities
  • Industrial Brake Components
  • Custom Powder Friction Mixes
  • Laser Cutting

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