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The originator of powdered metal friction materials used in clutch and brake applications

ATV friction materialsFor more than 85 years, GMP Friction Products (formerly GEMPCO) has provided many answers to tough problems in controlling, stopping or transmitting power; but the future always brings new technology and new challenges. GMP Friction Products will continue to develop unique answers for each new customer application.

GMP Friction Products develops friction materials to meet the unique needs for each application, in order to fulfill the high expectations that our customers place on each carefully-planned final product. Performance depends on the friction material, and using the right friction material makes all the difference in the effectiveness, and ultimately the success, of the customer’s application.

Learn more about GMP Friction Products Many Applications

  •    Scintered Metallic Friction Materials
  •    Ceramic Friction Materials
  •    Clutch Buttons
  •    Paper Friction Materials
  •    Graphitic Friction Materials
  •    Industrial Clutch Applications
  •    Industrial Brakes
  •    Wind Turbines

Taking all key aspects of product performance into consideration, including energy capacity, wear, friction, reliability in routine situations, and the ability to maintain basic function in emergency situations to prevent damage to a vehicle and enhance the safety of its operator, manufacturers who place a premium on end-product quality and reliability find GMP Friction Products’ friction materials, customer service, and commitment to quality to be of extraordinary value.

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