To support our customers' success through collaboration, engineering, and manufacturing of friction materials and system components.
GMP Friction Products offers custom solutions in sintered brake pads, dry brake, dry clutch, wet brake & wet clutch applications using sintered metallic friction materials. ISO 9001:2015 certified. Call Today: 330.633.1226

High Energy Sintered Metallic Friction Products

Low Wear Friction Materials

The originator of sintered metallic friction materials, GMP Friction Products continues to manufacture our one-of-a-kind copper powder, which gives us distinctive performance and manufacturing advantages. In addition, we make multiple types of friction materials, including sintered iron, intered bronze, and iron-bronze mixes, as well as high content ceramic materials.

Our standard formulas are used in a diverse array of applications, so there’s a good chance we have a sintered friction material for you; if you don’t find one that perfectly meets your needs, however, we can formulate a friction material specifically for your application. Whether you need an increased coefficient of friction, lower wear rates, unique torque curves, or any of countless other modifications, we can custom engineer a friction material for you.

We also offer an extensive selection of components for various environments, from dry braking and dry clutching to wet braking and wet clutching. Beyond a standard offering of products, GMP Friction also offers custom solutions. Every material we have was initially developed as a solution to a customer’s unique problem.

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    Dry Braking Products

    Sintered Brake Pads and Dry Braking Applications

    GMP Friction’s extensive variety of dry brake friction materials meet diverse and demanding applications.
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    Dry Clutch Products

    Sintered Metallic Dry Clutch Applications

    The sintered metallic friction materials in which we specialize are more than a match for the most extreme operating conditions.

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    Wet Disc Brakes, Wet Clutch Products

    Wet Clutch and Wet Disc Brake Applications

    GMP's materials are well suited not only for dry brakes and clutches but for wet friction applications as well.
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