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Wet Clutch and Wet Disc Brake Applications

GMP Friction: The Leader In Wet Clutch and Wet Disc Brakes

GMP’s materials are well suited not only for dry brakes and clutches but for wet friction applications as well. For instance, under our high-quality process controls, GMP Friction Products’ unique copper powder produces a clutch plate or wet brake disc with an oil-retaining porosity unlike any other. This oil within the friction material is available then, in addition to the oil in the sump and our molded grooving, at the peak moment of engagement to cool the clutch precisely when the energy demand is greatest. The result: stable friction with the highest peak specific power and highest peak specific energy.

It’s no surprise then that GMP’s, sintered bronze and other sintered friction materials are utilized in a wide variety of wet disc brakes, multi-disc brakes, and wet clutches. They are found in such high-energy, high-demanding applications as marine transmissionsmining equipment, and construction equipment.

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