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Wet Brakes, Wet Clutches, Dry Braking Products, and Solutions for the Agriculture Industry

Wet Brakes and Clutches, Dry Braking Applications For THe Agriculture Industry

GMP Friction Products has a substantial presence in the global agricultural market. We produce and supply sintered friction material products for the tough demands of agricultural equipment, including combines, bailers, and industrial-sized farm tractors.

Our specially formulated sintered bronze, combined our aptitude for creating niche products meet the needs of the agricultural industry in valuable and unique ways.  A clutch component manufacturer, for instance, turned to GMP Friction when its supplier could not meet their increasing dry friction needs. After testing their prior product, we crafted an even better material for their application, one producing the same torque but with much less wear.

We also solved a farm tractor manufacturer’s unusual problem: a wet wheel end-brake was so noisy innocent bystanders a field away had to cover their ears. Our GMP engineers pinpointed the right friction material and the right grooving to eliminate the racket.

Additional examples of our product applications in the agricultural market include power take-off clutches, wet wheel brakeswet disc brakesdry braking, parking brakes, transmissions discs, torque limiters, and multi-disc brakes.

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Sintered metallic dry brake pads and dry clutches find extensive use in the agricultural industry, offering reliable performance and durability in the demanding conditions encountered by agricultural machinery. These components are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty farming operations, where equipment is subjected to constant use in dusty, dirty, and often wet environments. The sintered metallic construction provides superior heat dissipation and resistance to wear, ensuring consistent braking and clutch engagement even during prolonged operation in challenging conditions. This reliability is essential for agricultural machinery, where efficient braking and clutch systems are critical for productivity and safety during fieldwork, towing, and transportation tasks.

Furthermore, the use of sintered metallic dry brake pads and dry clutches contributes to the longevity and cost-effectiveness of agricultural equipment. The robust design of these components reduces the need for frequent replacements and maintenance, minimizing downtime and associated costs for farmers and agricultural businesses. With their ability to endure heavy loads, frequent stops, and harsh environmental conditions, sintered metallic dry brake pads and dry clutches provide agricultural machinery with the durability and performance required to efficiently operate across various tasks and seasons. Overall, these components play a vital role in ensuring the reliability and productivity of agricultural equipment, supporting the efficiency and success of farming operations worldwide.

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