To support our customers' success through collaboration, engineering, and manufacturing of friction materials and system components.
Dry Braking, Wet Brakes, and Multi-Disc Brakes for the Mining Industry

High Energy, Low Wear Friction Materials Solutions For The Mining Industry

Our products are well represented in the mining market around the world. This is because with the help of GMP Friction Products, dry brakes, wet wheel brakes, snubber discs, wet disc brakes, and multi-disc brakes can withstand the harsh conditions of the mining environment.

In mining, reliability is even more important than in other industries, since down-time and repairs add up to even greater costs when equipment is far underground. GMP Friction’s dependable products help keep dump trucks, front-end loaders, drag lines, electric rope shovels, and other equipment running in the mines.

GMP’s skill for creating unique products is as beneficial in mining as in all our other markets. For instance, a brake manufacturer designed a proprietary brake for underground mining vehicles, as an improvement on the conventional caliper brake. They couldn’t find a friction material that could endure the stresses of the mining environment, however; the friction materials of one manufacturer after another failed. Convinced they had a winning design, they persisted and approached GMP. In collaboration with them, we developed a new friction material ideal for this demanding application and with just the right grooving. Not only is our new customer happy, but their customers are happy too, as this means significant savings for the mining companies in greatly reduced downtime and brake replacement costs.

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