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High Performance Dry Clutching Solutions From GMP Friction Products

Sintered Metallic Dry Clutch Applications

The sintered metallic friction materials in which we specialize are more than a match for the most extreme operating conditions. That’s why you’ll find GMP Friction’s dry clutch materials in high-energy, high-demanding applications, from power tools and aircraft components to race carsmilitary vehiclesships, and oil rigs.

We have an expansive selection of high-performance dry clutch materials. Whether you need something with high torque, constant slip, a stable coefficient of friction with a low wear rate, something that can operate at high temperatures without fading, or under a large amount of pressure, we have—or can develop—just the right material for your dry clutch application.

What is Dry Clutching?

Dry clutching refers to a type of clutch system used in vehicles, particularly motorcycles and some high-performance cars. Unlike its counterpart, the wet clutch, the dry clutch operates without being immersed in oil. Instead, it relies on friction between the clutch plates to engage and disengage the transmission. This design choice offers some advantages, such as reduced drag on the engine and a lighter overall weight.

Dry clutches are known for their efficiency and quick response, making them a popular choice in performance-oriented vehicles where precise control over power delivery is crucial. However, they may require more frequent maintenance compared to wet clutches, as they are exposed to more wear and tear without the protective lubrication of oil.

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