Quality Friction Products

Our Quality Friction Products

Quality friction products is a primary concern in every one of our components. Since 1929, GMP Friction Products has made every effort to produce quality parts and maintain our outstanding track record. We are ISO 9001-2008 certified.

GMP Friction Products maintains rigid quality controls at each step of the manufacturing process, including incoming raw material inspection, in-process quality checks, material performance consistency evaluations performed from production batches, and finished part analysis. GMP Friction Products is committed to continual improvement principles, and our proactive quality initiatives further ensure that high standards are met, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Quality Friction Products ISO 9001-2008GMP Friction Products conducts extensive research and development on an ongoing basis to further improve friction materials, using on-site wet and dry test machines that simulate the rigorous conditions required for end products. Always free of asbestos and other fibers, our materials meet demanding standards even under adverse conditions, providing high performance in a cost-effective manner for those manufacturers who take pride in the quality of their end products.