Friction Products: Brake Pads and Clutch Plates

GMP Friction Materials Manufacturer Advantage

Our specialized sintered metallic mixes and paper friction products set us apart. We work with you to determine what friction materials and design works best for your specific friction application. Applications for our friction products include but not limited to:

  • Clutch (wet or dry systems)
  • Brake (wet or dry systems)
  • Transmission Plates
  • PTO
  • Winch
  • ATV and Motorcycle Brakes
  • Racing

Our computerized manufacturing process guarantees consistency in each batch, ensuring overall reliability in all our friction materials and parts.

Our Friction Materials

Metallic Friction Materials

Our metallic friction materials are composed of a number of base metals. Copper, bronze, iron, or iron-bronze bases conduct heat away from the part during use, allowing controlled motion.

Ceramic Friction Materials

Our ceramic friction materials act as insulators, driving heat away from the friction material surface. They also offer low wear, for applications that demand long life and high durability.

Graphitic Friction Materials

The graphite in our graphitic friction materials gives them high energy capacity and low wear, making them ideal for demanding applications.

We have custom engineered several specialty friction materials to provide the best combination of characteristics for specific friction applications. Our broad range of metallic friction materials withstand the harshest environments while providing high energy, low wear, and unparalleled durability.

Our Groove Patterns Advantage

GMP Friction Products develops grooving and friction material to meet the unique needs of each application. The specific grooving pattern for a product is based on the oil flow needed for optimum performance.

Our wide range of integrally molded groove patterns allows our parts to provide high energy, low wear, unparalleled durability, and competitive friction levels compared to other materials. Our engineering staff will work with you to help you decide the best pattern for your project.

  • Spiradial
    This grooving pattern may be used in wet (with oil) applications in which there is limited oil available due to the design of the brake or clutch.
  • Differential
    Also known as the “sunburst” pattern, this relatively common grooving design is generally suitable for ordinary applications in which sufficient oil is available.
  • Spiral
    Spiral grooving patterns are normally used in sump-type applications.
  • Radial
    Radial grooving may be used in either wet or dry applications, depending on the specific design requirements.
  • Inside-Outside-Slot-Spiral (IOSS)
    This complex, high-energy grooving pattern can meet the demands of severe applications in which there is very little oil or only a spray of oil available.
  • Plain
    The plain lining, with no grooving, can be used for dry brakes or clutches.

Custom Grooving & Logo Stamps are Available