Sintered Friction

Our Products: Powdered Metal Clutch Plates and Brake Pads

Sintered Metal Friction Materials

As a leader in powdered metallic friction materials, GMP Friction Products offers a full range of specialized friction materials for brake pad and clutch plate applications. With hundreds of different sintered friction metallic mixes for custom applications, our engineers can work with any client to create brake pads and clutch plates with the optimal formulation of coefficient of friction, wear resistance, and temperature resistance. Our powdered metallic friction materials can be made with a metallic, graphitic, or ceramic base for the best combination of energy capacity and stability.

Each of the powdered metallic scintered friction material formulations GMP Friction Products produces can be used in a range of products. We work with our customers to find the best material for their particular needs. When developing a new part or friction mix, we take all the key performance characteristics into consideration, including energy capacity, wear, friction, reliability in routine situations, and ability to maintain basic function in extreme situations.

GMP Friction Products’ innovations have helped solve many complex challenges over the years, and we continue to develop new materials to meet specific customer needs. A friction material must meet the exacting requirements for each unique design to enable the full potential of that design to be realized. We continue to offer a broad range of powdered metallic friction materials to satisfy customer needs in many markets and industries.

Metallic Friction Materials

Our metallic friction materials are composed of a number of base metals: copper, bronze, iron, or iron-bronze.

Ceramic Friction Materials

Ceramic materials act as insulators, driving heat away from the friction material surface. They also offer low wear, for applications that demand long life and high durability.

Graphitic Friction Materials

The graphite in our graphitic friction materials gives them high energy capacity and low wear, making them ideal for demanding applications.

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